About Us

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Why Choose Us?

We are the top service provider in communication skilling; mainly in languages like English, French and Swahili.

Our Services

We provide IELTS classes for those that intend to travel and study or work abroad, getting you through with a band 8 or 9.
We help individuals and organisations write appropriate formal/official documents such as proposals, letters and more.
We edit written works such as movie scripts, plays, essays, speeches, novels, biographies among others
We offer training on the new Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) curriculum, helping schools ease into it.
We offer guidance & counselling for people of all ages. We have in-house seasoned and caring professional counselors at your service
We also provide public speaking services for the different functions; life skilling for school going children from primary to secondary.
We provide pastoral curriculum development and branding for schools.

Our partner Schools

You can be more than a caregiver. You can be a Learning Coach. This means you’ll be there to help our children learn and grow by providing them support they need.